School and after-school activities available to our students

After School PTA Sponsored Activities

Throughout the school year our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides families the opportunity to enroll students in a variety of before or after school programs. Previous years' activities have included: Chess Club, Little Einstein Explorers, Overtime Athletics, Kids in Motion, Touching Hearts-Kids on a Mission, Mad Science, and Mix Major-Music Maker. For more information on PTA Sponsored Activities visit the Lees Corner PTA's After School Programing Website.

Blizzard's Market

Blizzard’s Market provides students in special education classes and fifth-grade general education classes the authentic opportunity to learn about teamwork, responsibility, customer service and economic skills.  Market customers learn to become savvy shoppers while they learn to count their money to make their purchases. In addition to these skills, random acts of kindness by students toward one another can be witnessed.  Profits from weekly sales are reinvested in Lees Corner students.  Some examples of how profits are reinvested include the purchase of adaptive physical education equipment and a sensory table for an autism classroom.


Fifth and sixth grade students have the opportunity to participate in the Lees Corner Chorus. Students meet once a week for 45 minutes during school hours to rehearse for a Spring concert.  Students experience choral music from a wide range of musical genres.  Sixth grade chorus students are given the option to audition and participate in the annual All-County Chorus Festival or the Chantilly Honors Chorus.

First Friends

First Friends are elected in their 1st through 6th grade classes to assist with our Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program.  They record their class Bear Count and submit a weekly tally.  They also welcome new friends to their class and help them to make friends and be comfortable at Lees Corner.  First Friends also helped prepare gifts and create cards for Bus Driver Appreciation Week.

Morning News

Blizzard News is the morning news program at Lees Corner. It airs every day on our closed-circuit television station. Sixth graders apply for positions on one of the three news show crews during the first three quarters. The crew members operate the camera and the computers as well as the audio mixer and the digital video mixer. There is a director who is in charge of the production. News anchors lead the Pledge of Allegiance, announce the lunch, discuss the weather, wish happy birthdays and read any announcements. Sometimes there are special announcements made by the administration or other Lees Corner staff members. LCES Blizzard News is a great way to start the day at Lees Corner.

Musical Performance Program

Students in grades 2, 4, and 6 have the opportunity to be a part of a musical.  They participate in musical practice during Blizzard Block at different times of the year.  Students get to experience musical theater through singing, acting, movement and dance.  Students can audition to have speaking part roles or special assignments.  The musicals are upbeat, engaging, and have various themes that support curriculum. 

Safety Patrols

Safety Patrols play a vital role in daily life at Lees Corner, helping students arrive safely each morning and depart safely each afternoon. 5th and 6th-grade patrols are assigned to positions inside and outside of the school building and on school buses. They also assist students to and from class each day, raise and lower the flags, and support our staff in the hallways.

Student Council Association (SCA)

As Lees Corner's student government organization, the SCA conducts service drives and promotes school spirit through leadership projects. The Lees Corner SCA is led by five elected officers and includes one elected representative from each second through sixth grade classroom. The SCA holds a general meeting once a month to plan and work on these projects.

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