Our students love reading!

The Lees Corner Library is a warm and welcoming place for students, teachers, and parents.  It is the goal of the library program to develop and encourage a love of reading for all students and assist them in becoming critical thinkers who are effective and responsible users of information.  Parents are always welcome in the library as volunteers for shelving books and supporting our book fairs.

Please contact Leslie Dunbar, LCES Librarian, if you are interested in volunteering.


The library is open during school hours for circulation of books, reading for pleasure, research in small or large groups, and for class activities.  In addition to weekly library lessons and time for checking out books, students have access to the library during school hours with teacher permission.

Check Out

Kindergarten students begin the year checking out 1 book at a time. This amount will increase as they learn to become responsible book borrowers during their Kindergarten school year. First graders begin the year checking out 2 books at a time, but this amount will increase as they demonstrate increased responsibility for more books.  Students in grades 2-6 have unlimited checkout, with the following guidelines: they must be able to carry the books without dropping them, fit the books in their backpacks, and show responsibility by having less than 2 overdue books.

Books are checked out for two weeks. If students are not finished with a book, they may bring it in to renew it, or check it out again, as long as the book is not on hold for someone else. Students may place a hold on up to 5 books at a time through their Destiny library account.  

Students are responsible for paying for damaged and/or lost books.

Library Services

The Library Resources page for FCPS provides access to the online catalog for each school as well as all county databases, e-books, and other valuable research tools.  These resources and other commonly used digital tools can also be accessed from our school's Websites page.

Virtual Library Resources

The Virtual Library Resources website provides access to students (through their FCPS Google account) to online read alouds, activities, resources, and book talks selected by our school librarian.